SecureAuth Executive Roundtable Luncheon

A recent IDC security service survey, together with cybersecurity proficiency study shows many enterprises in Asia/Pacific believe they are more secure than they actually are; and identity access management (IAM) is identified as the weakest practice among all the security practices. More than 54% of Asia/Pacific organizations take a very reactive approach when it comes to IAM. In addition, over 81% of breaches involve the use of stolen or weak credentials, so even your users’ strongest and most complex passwords will never be enough if they are compromises. With the introduction of new breach notification laws, organisations need to rethink their identity security strategy to resolve the underlying issue of passwords for once and for all. 
This session will share insights and perspective on:
1. Why and how organizations should build a robust identity access management practice in today’s context when enterprises embrace various forms of cloud, mobility and take on the digital transformation journey. 

2. The impact of new regulations such as Australia’s Mandatory Data Breach Notification and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation on security strategy and the proactive steps organisations can take to help with compliance

3. Strategies and techniques that help to protect your identities and prevent the misuse of compromised credentials all while helping to finally eliminate passwords from your identity access management strategy.


  • When

  • Wednesday, August 9, 2017
    12:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    E. Australia Time

  • Where

  • Cumulus Up
    45 Flinders Lane
    Melbourne 3000

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